How to Prepare Your Home For a New Pet

If you were to walk into a pet shelter or the human society, you will see cages filled with cats and dogs that no longer have a home. Many of these animals were adopted when they were young from stores and private owners, and as they aged, they ended up in the shelter. In many cases, this is because the person or family who adopted them was not ready for a pet. They did not take the time to prepare their homes, understand the breed they adopted, or realize a pet comes with challenges before they made the decision to adopt. In some cases, they may have accidentally stumbled upon a stray and brought it home without considering the consequences. The truth is you have to plan ahead before bringing a pet into your home. If you are adopting a large dog, you may need to install vinyl fencing in your yard before the adoption. A vinyl fence will save you the effort of having to walk your dog every day and you can just open the door and let it run.

Your next step is to make sure everyone in your home is prepared for pet ownership. All too often the kids want a kitten or puppy but they are not old enough to understand the responsibility that goes with it. Be sure the adults in the home are willing to pick up the slack until the child can care for the pet alone. Regardless of the promises a little kid makes about caring for a pet, the animal is ultimately everyone’s responsibility.

If you are emotionally ready to make the commitment to adopting a pet, the next thing you should do is get your home ready when you bring home a puppy or kitten, take some time to pet-proof their homes. While kittens often learn to use their litter boxes within a few hours, puppies will require a couple of weeks of training. Prepare your home by using a specific room for the animal until it is trained, or buy plenty of puppy pads for carpet and floor protection.

In addition to house-training the animal, you will need to make sure you buy the proper items to care for the animal. Regardless of their age, animals need toys to play with and will need bowls for food and water. Also be sure you choose the appropriate food to fit the animal’s needs and have plenty on hand before you bring the animal home.

Finally, you are going to need to provide medical attention for the pet. Depending on where you adopt from, the animal may get a set of shots and an initial checkup before you get to adopt. Other places just send you home with the pet, or if you have found a stray, you will be on your own finding a veterinarian. You should make sure your new pet is healthy and then set up a schedule so your pet can be seen annually for a check up. It is also important to have a doctor who is familiar with your pet so they understand the treatment that is needed in an emergency.