My Biggest Pet Peeve

I love garage sales. My husband and I go at least once a month. We don’t need anything but it is fun to go and see what other people are offering for sale. We will browse a sale and usually something will “jump out and bite us” or not. We can get some good use out of an item and them put it in a sale that we have or donate it to a good cause.

You are probably wondering what this dingy broad is writing about….she love garage sales, I got it. What is her pet peeve? Get on with it already.

Ok, I will. My pet peeve is all of the signs that littler posts and pillars for weeks after the sale is over. If people can take the time to put the signs up they should be responsible enough to take the signs DOWN. When we host a sale we have a “route” that we put on paper so we know where all our signs are and when the sale is over Dale will travel that route and remove the signs. It is easy. So, why can’t others do it.

We have an intersection close to where we live and there is a favorite telephone pole there that everyone uses for signs….all kinds of signs. I can see lost pet signs, diet program signs, for sale signs, for rent signs. Old, very old signs….some have been there so long you cannot tell what color the original paper was. When someone has a new sale they just pull one down and throw it on the ground and put their sign up. Sometimes they don’t even bother to take a sign down, they just put their sign over another sign.

I checked with the county and found out that the ordinance for signs is: nothing. I read the sign ordinances for my county and it has nothing on posting of theses types of signs. Why not check with your county and see what their policy is on signage for sales and the like.

Our country could be just that much cleaner if more people would be responsible for their actions. That means, “If you put it up….TAKE IT DOWN” when your sale is over, your pet is found, your apartment is rented and so on and so forth.

We are a proud Country. Let’s be tidy too.

Wow, do I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent.