The Benefits of Choosing a Cat For a Pet

When most people think of family pets, their minds go immediately to Fido running through the yard, playing fetch, and chasing a ball. While this may be the right choice for some people, many families do not have the ability to care for an animal that is one fur coat short of a being a child. The truth is, if you are already dealing with legal issues and you need an auto accident attorney, the last thing you need to worry about is calling on a dog bite attorney. If you want to avoid all this drama and have a pet that provides companionship without requiring you to have a fence or protect your houseguests, consider adopting a cat. Cats can be just as affectionate as other animals, but they have a variety of benefits you will not get with other pets. Cats are clean animals and kittens learn quickly how to use their litter box. It may take months to train that new puppy to go outside to do his business, but kittens often know to use their boxes within a few hours of coming into your home. If you are ambitious, you can even each a cat to use the toilet, just like a human!

Cats cost less than other pets in a number of ways. In most cases, veterinary care is cheaper for kittens than it is for puppies. If you need to travel, a canine would require constant care, whereas a cat can do with a visit every couple of days. All they need is fresh water and food, clean litter, and a few minutes of petting and cuddling. Some cats are even content to make due on their own until their beloved owners return home. Many people believe that cats are not as affectionate as other pets, but this is not true. Different cats have different personalities, so there is always a chance you will end up with one who is independent or standoffish. However, the personalities of cats are often formed in the first year of their lives. This means if you spend time cuddling and holding your kitten, it will grow into a cuddly, affectionate adult cat.

Another great reason to choose a cat for a pet is because they usually get along well with other animals and they are experts at avoiding the sometimes dangerous grasp of little children. Kids have a tendency to be rough with animals, and even though puppies may enjoy frolicking, it could lead to the cat or the child getting injured. Cats will play, but they are adept at getting away if things get too rush. They also have no problem going off and hiding if something is bothering them. If you already have a cat, chances are you will have no problem bringing a kitten into the home as long as you work to help them get alone. Cats can get jealous, so if you are introducing a new baby, kitten or human, to the mix, be sure to lavish your current pet with love and affection so they know they have not been forgotten.